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I have a twitch channel and I plan to develop my game from time to time life on this channel. I will not comment on what I’m doing but rather would like to interact with you, just write on the chat all the questions you have and I try to explain in the lifestream. As well as suggestions or improvements are welcome. Just to talk my self or to hidden people isn’t a too nice experience and feels a bit unnatural.

I’m looking forward to this out-of-my-comfort-zone experience.

One more thing, I do this game in Java, jMonkeyEngine, Zay-es, Lemur,libgdx-ai, dyn4j and feather. Of course for the models I use blender.

I offer as well test driven development sessions, just let me know down in the comments if you would be interested. Or directly on my twitch channel. I don’t do test driven development for my personal stuff as I’m a one-man-show-game-developer, and I have a different focus than at work. But it would be a completely different story if I work with someone together. If there is interest I prepare something or do it while developing my game All Fucked Up.

I do it in Swiss-German, German and English, depends on the people joining. I’ll see it in the chat 🙂

I’ll be streaming between 8-9 PM CEST on Sunday eve.


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