Test Driven Development Workshop – Mantra

This workshop is centered around the test-driven development mantra

  1. Write a test, see it fail
  2. Write code to make the test succeed
  3. Refactor code, refactor test
  4. Start over

The biggest issue for many developers is how the next failing test could look like as well as how to organize the test code.
I show tricks for writing the next failing test and offer you best practices to organize the test code with fixtures.

  • 15′ Min intro
  • 30′ Live hacking by Christian Liesch
  • 15′ Break
  • 45′ Live hacking together
  • 15′ Break
  • 45′ The audience practice the mantra
  • 15′ Questions and answers

This workshop works best in small groups of 4-10 people onside (only in Switzerland). I offer the workshop as well online but in a slightly different way.

If you are interested in this workshop and want to know more details contact me.