What We Are Doing

We are doing game stuff. Currently, we are working on All Fucked Up, check out our blog if you are interested in the behind-the-scene-stuff.

Our Know-How
Java C/C++ Lua Perl Bash Angular/Spring Boot jMonkeyEngine Steam Blender3D Git Jenkins Test Driven Development Entity Component System Network Programming Behavior Tree Steering Behavior

Our Offer
We have a ready-to-use 3-hour test-driven development workshop we can do any time also online. We have a lot of know-how about entity component system architecture and a Space Invader example to show case the magic behind entity component system which is so much more powerful than object oriented programming. Did you ever wonder what behavior trees are, how it works, and where you can use it? We are working on examples for behavior trees to demonstrate it’s power and beauty.

Our Knowledge
Our knowledge is not tailored to a specific game engine it is rather something you can adapt to any game engine. For demonstration, we usually use Java, libgdx-ai, Zay-Es, and jMonkeyEngine. We also have a lot of experience and best practices for using Kanban which is perfect for small and distributed teams.

Our Contact Data
We would love to share our knowledge with you. Just drop us a line at artificials_ch@gmx.ch no matter if you are a solo indie developer with no budged or a team of full stack developers.