Risk Mitigation: Test Bigger Muzzles

This is the follow-up article about lens #16, the lens of risk mitigation from The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses written by Jesse Schell. If you buy books through the links in this article I will get a small commission for that.

I will try different sizes of muzzles and add a bit more random to it to see if that could make a difference. As well as experiment with different sizes for every gun. As well add some random to make it more vivid.

For fast prototyping, I need a simple way to switch between the weapons. There are a couple of ways. I can make a pickup command and exchange the gun with the previous gun and just put all guns in a row. Or add them programmatically and make a switch weapon button for this test.

I made a four-panel gif image with https://www.kapwing.com labeled with A: Constant muzzle with a flashlight, B: Random muzzle with a flashlight, C: Constant muzzle no light, and D: Random muzzle no light.

And made a tweet to get some feedback which is the best variant.

I also asked friends and family members. The outcome is that a bit more of the votes like B the best as it looks more vivid. The second large group preferred A because the muzzle leaks through the floor if I use a random muzzle size, which is simple to fix. Many said a tiny less random would be beneficial. There was one vote for C as the gradient muzzle would not fit the art style.

Furthermore, that way I could engage many more people on my tweet, much more than I expected.

So thanks a lot for helping me out to find the best muzzle style which is important for my game as it lives from the weapon, shell ejection, recoil, and muzzle. I will have at least 3 different sizes of muzzles, one for nine-millimeter weapons I have, one for the soldier rifles like M1 or M4, and one for the bigger guns. I will probably have to fine-tune this further.

I get a small commissions for purchases made through the following links, I only have books in this section which I bought myself and which I love. No bullshit.


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