Lens #5: The Lens of Fun

The next lens I want to look through on our game "All Fucked Up" is the lens of fun from the book The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses written by Jesse Schell. I try to answer the following three questions:

  • What parts of the game are fun?
  • What parts of the game need to be more fun?

I add my latest sneak peek to document the current state. That might of course and hopefully change over time while improving the game.

I have cute and very simple characters. And using weapons is fun, it looks fun too. The main character is cute, stupid, mean, and funny, I borrowed that from the minions. The dead animation is simple but effective, just a blood and meat splatter for all destroyable characters and targets with a boom sound.

The levels are short and I will add a timer to the game, so that you get points for enemy hits, ammo left and time. That could add extra fun to beat the highscore.

The enemies look a bit 1 dimensional and boring. I would like to improve the soldiers’ behavior and add some funny animations. I like the way BroForce did his enemies, especially when you throw a hand grenade and the enemies are coming close with questions marks above their heads, hilarious. I probably will not copy that, but find other ways to make my enemies funny. One funny thing they offer is, if you are in the middle of two soldiers and jump, one of the soldiers starts to shoot and kills his buddy. That wasn’t intentional but it’s kind of funny that you can outplay them. But not sure if I will keep this "feature".

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