Lens #2: The Lens of Essential Experience

Today I look through the second lens, the lens of essential experience at our game "All Fucked Up". Due to the book The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses written by Jesse Schell, we have to answer three questions

  • What experience do I want the player to have?
  • What is essential to that experience?
  • How can I capture this essence in our game?

I have some difficulties to see the real difference to Lens #1: The Lens of Emotion to be honest. Our game is all about guns and ammo. The emotion was feeling powerful with those weapons. The essential experience is all about guns and collecting ammo. Ammo is not limitless, you collect that and you have to take care that you do not waste ammo. This is a bit contradictory as firing a gun and feel powerful is all about lens #1.

  • Collecting ammo
  • Don’t waste ammo as it is not limitless
  • Add the possibility to switch between two weapons (handgun and rifle for example)

The smart handling of a handgun and a rifle could be interesting, but then I need the advantage of the handgun over the rifle, currently, there is none. One idea I have is when I’m too close to the opponent the rifle will not fire and you only can fire a handgun. The handgun on the other side should have only little effect on distance. That way I could improve the essential experience I think.

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