Lens #10: The Lens of Holographic Design

The next lens I want to look through on our game All Fucked Up is the lens of holographic design from the book The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses written by Jesse Schell. This lens is about seeing the four elements (Aestetics, Story, Technology, and Mechanics) and the player experience in a holistic way. Let’s tackle the following questions in this lens.

  • What elements of All Fucked Up make the experience enjoyable?
  • What elements of All Fucked Up detract from the experience?
  • How can I change game elements to improve the experience?

The cute characters, the little details, the smooth gamepad integration, and the guns make the experience enjoyable. To watch and experience guns in action is satisfactory. The gamepad optimized precise control makes the navigation of the character smooth and nice and does not distract from the game experience.

The double barrel shot gun with it’s late shell ejection, like in reality, as well the camera and character kickback makes the feel of the weapon nice and power full.

Here we see wall jumps in action. The control is smooth and lets you navigate quickly through levels.

The environment and the level-design do detract from the game experience. It looks nice but not brilliant. Quite flat and too simple. The levels don’t look exciting enough way to simple and linear. This can be improved, I need to design much more level also to get more experience on what works and what does not work. If I want to introduce the switch from rifles to handguns or knife I need to design the levels accordingly to make that a need. The same for shooting enemies, if I just can jump over them it makes no sense to shoot them except for the joy of using the collected weapons and ammo.

I think it is very clear that the element level needs a big improvement to make this game fun to play. I feel I’m far away from that. I probably first try to improve the existing levels not on the graphical level but on how I compose the platforms, weapons, ammo, and enemies. I need to make it impossible to jump over enemies and evade but have to design it in a way that they are a danger if not eliminated. As well I want to avoid that there is only one way to manage a level.

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