Game Programming Patterns

I recently read Game Programming Patterns from Robert Nystrom one of the best books about programming I’ve ever read.

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I read the entire book from beginning to end in one go, I couldn’t stop. Normally I use programming books to fall asleep, the design pattern book of the gang of four doesn’t make any exception.

The book Game Programming Pattern from Robert Nystrom on the other hand is one of those very rare books which keeps me awake even late in the night. It is crispy, fun and it explains you the design patterns in a fresh and understandable way. It is also helpfull if you are not a game programmer as it explains the design patterns from the gang of four from a different perspective than you know from your daily work.

The author starts always simple without a pattern until he ends up in a dead end and solve the problem by applying graduadly the corresponding pattern which makes it so easy to understand the patterns in all his depts. It’s a very practical approach and even the samples are in C++ they can be easily adapted to any other language.

One of my favorit one is the command pattern with history functionality. Very use full for level construction tools.

If you are interested in design patterns and don’t like the original one, give this one a try.


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