Risk Mitigation: Test Bloodstain for Bullet Exit Wounds

This is the follow-up article about lens #16, the lens of risk mitigation from The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses written by Jesse Schell. If you buy books through the links in this article I will get a small commission for that.

In this blog article I tested bloodstain for exit wounds, this makes it much crueler and in a weird way, satisfying to shoot those dummies. I took the damage into account to generate the amount of bloodstain when an enemy gets hit. But this is not just limited to the enemies but also the hero.

Looks quite satisfying but might be that it becomes a bit too violent. I apply to every character, robot, and object its own hit animation, so even when I shoot at a computer I can make some fitting nice animation for getting hit. I think this looks more interesting than just color the object flat white for one frame when get hit by bullets.

The test leads to a better-organized code and easier to add new hit and destroy animations for certain objects and characters.

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