A multi player online top down space shooter. Two teams fighting each other on different maps and missions. On one side we have the „Hot Fuzzs“ and on the other side we have the „Bandits“. The hot fuzzs have to protect their planet, mother ship or they simply hunt down bandits. The Bandits on the other hand have to sack planets, destroy mother ships or they simply defend them self to get hunt down by the hot fuzzs.

AI System, Training Ground and Auto Spawning Targets

Quite some time ago since my last post, I’m currently work on an AI system and that occupies me quite a lot.

Beside the AI system I’m on it to polish and upate the training ground. I want to make that more fun with auto spawning targets so that you never run out of ammo and targets. As soon the AI system is ready I will also integrate some smarter targets or even attacking ones.