Battle Ground

A multi player online top down space shooter. Two teams fighting each other on different maps and missions. On one side we have the „Hot Fuzzs“ and on the other side we have the „Bandits“. The hot fuzzs have to protect their planet, mother ship or they simply hunt down bandits. The Bandits on the other hand have to sack planets, destroy mother ships or they simply defend them self to get hunt down by the hot fuzzs.

Arcade Game like Menu

I did a complete overhaul of my game menu stuff. It looks now much more like a game than an office app. It has now this old fashon arcade game touch which I loved so much as a kid. I mean also that „Insert Coin“ , „1 Player“, „2 Player“ and the „Credits“ menu points. I will soon add a credits screen for sure.
You maybe also noticed that the rockets are now really smart, I love them to be honest, but I guess I have to limit the usage 😀


Beside other improvals, like battle ground limiting boundaries I also implemented a simple radar like the ones in World of Tanks. Pretty simple, pretty efficient and fun.

Here a somewhat laggy record of the radar in action (in real life it does not lag at all, seems to be a recorder issue).


I started with smart misslies, still not smart enough as you can easily see in the short video below. The problem is the follow mechanisme and also the detection mechanisme. I have some ideas I will try out. Be side that I
added a death handling including respawn after death, respawn time is configurable. Every ship has now his own respawn slot, the slots are organized in a circle.
Of course I did a lot of rewritings of existing code in a TDD way.

Here a short footage about the dead system and also not yet perfect missiles approach.

Work on the Game Life Cycle and other Things

I improved the menu structure and heavily developed on the game life cycle, like start game, enter game, end game and reset game. The hoster can even do a hard reset of a running game. Still some edges and flickerings, but I’m pretty close to done.

As well I implemented a hit system including visualize the hits with the number of points you get for that hit. The hit points do scroll up and fade. Cumulative hits are cummulated visual which looks quite cool so far.

Here is a short footage of the current state of the game.

Work on the Base

Currently I’m developing heavily the base of this simple fast-paced shooter. I already have a simple menu for joining or creating a server and choose the team including auto assign, which is for lan parties with mixed skilled gamers a must have.
The most fun part was the weapon system, I have currently a mini gun and rocket launcher. The rockets it self contains even more fun as I want them to be smart and auto follow a target, I’m eager to implement this soon. But for the moment I first need a collision system to make those bullets and rockets have an effect, as currently they don’t have any.

I keep you posted with my progress, promised.